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Support our artist-run space

AUTOMAT Collective is a small, noncommercial gallery run on a co-operative model. Operating in this way means that we don't rely on stakeholders or sales to fund our gallery space. Negating the hierarchical structure found in most galleries, we are able to highlight the diverse backgrounds and unique interests of our curatorial members with new exhibitions each month. We fund most of our programming and exhibitions as individual artists and rely on supporters to keep us afloat.


In the last few years, we have thought deeply about our identity as a collective and how to build a sustainable future. In 2021 we made the move to the Crane Arts building to provide a fully-accessible space for our artists and visitors, something we had long wanted to prioritize in material ways. 


We are looking towards a bright future for AUTOMAT — one that we hope will bring us good, sustainable growth and allow us to work with a more diverse group of members, artists, and visitors. 

* Thanks to the support of our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, your donations to AUTOMAT are tax-deductible *

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