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flower in the snow

Bambi Butterfly Josias Figueirido | Virginia Fleming | Joe Rha | Jessica Willittes

Exhibition Dates: March 1-30, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, March 1

flower in the snow.jpg

work pictured: Josias Figueirido, Paradise Dreamed (detail)

flower in the snow
tangible emotion
voyeur in the night
a paradise dreamed

AUTOMAT is pleased to announce flower in the snow, a group exhibition of painting, drawing and mixed media works by five artists from Philadelphia and New Jersey. The show explores the peculiar moment that we are living in, through wonderment, confusion and innocence.

It is about coping with existential questions, navigating life mediated through the Internet, probing social constructions of "high" and "low" culture, recognizing the self as an object of another's fascination, and considering the role of voyeurism in modern times.

Each artist approaches their work with a different stylistic language and a unique set of technical skills, and there is a consistent maturity and sophistication in the handling of materials. A keen attention to surface, gesture and process is evident throughout flower in the snow, and the temperament and cadence of each work carries its own emotional and intellectual weight, serving as a singular note within the broader context of a diversely crafted chord.

Curated by Sam Jones 

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