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Friends! Covid-19 struck at a particularly difficult moment for our collective. We threw our weight (and resources) behind a big 5th Birthday party fundraising event that was scheduled for March 26, which of course ended up being canceled. Several of our members lost their jobs during the quarantine, and paying rent on our space has become difficult. 


We are turning to you, our community, to help us stay afloat. It has been our immense joy to bring you 5 years of exhibitions and public programming, and we look forward to 5 more. We want our artists to be free to experiment, fail, grow, and be generous- and not worry about sales or popularity. We want the art to come first. 


Today we are launching a campaign to raise some funds. Our goal is $5,000. That may not seem like a lot, but to us it’s the difference between survival and turning our space over to something more lucrative, but less awesome. 


Help us get there! Donate HERE! 


*Using our fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas means your donation will be tax deductible!*

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