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A Sliver of the Moon
A Single Branch of Flowering Plum

Opening Reception:

Thursday April 11th from 6-9pm

Gallery Hours:

 12-5pm and by appointment

April 11, 2024 - May 4th, 2024

The singular, the monumental, the infinite and infinitesimal. To be in the presence of a confluence of seemingly opposing states is precisely the point. A Sliver of the Moon, a Single Branch of Flowering Plum shows us that stillness and chaos are in fact, the same. Stillness is merely chaos so perfectly tuned that it makes not a sound; chaos is the hive in which stillness may defend its outline. In her heavily researched, multitudinous quest for the contradictory push and pull at the center of being, Natali Rodrigues has found this glowing ember of truth. A Sliver of the Moon vibrates with the intensity of her desire to share it. 

Transmuting her knowledge into gestural dynamics that become, rather than behold, Rodrigues invites us into ourselves without pretext. By accepting, we may step into a world of refraction, distillation, excessive textural noise, and quiet, blessed quiet, amongst the frenzied dance of life. Through her carefully constructed tableaus of liminal space, we may contemplate that every moment, every cell, every person on earth is both everything and nothing. Oneness. That is all there ever was, and all there ever will be. In her upcoming solo show at AUTOMAT, Natali Rodrigues offers us this grace.

Curated by Brynn Hurlstone

Natali Rodrigues is an Associate Professor in the Glass Program at the Alberta University of the Arts in Canada. Her research investigates the experience of liminal space and transformative experience, which finds voice through two distinct making practices: drawing and glass. Her working methodology moves between a meditative making practice and one that is profoundly physical. Her work is an attempt to create a system of cartography of liminal space, where what is marked is not in reference to the physical but rather the transformative.

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