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A Slow Apocalypse

A Slow Apocalypse will open on First Friday September 6th, 6-10 pm, and run through September 28th. Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays, 2-6 pm and by appointment. Please contact Emily Elliott for arrangements.

September 6, 2019 - September 28, 2019

Show Catalog

sculptures and drawings by

John Greig Jr.

A Slow Apocalypse is a new body of sculptures and drawings by John Greig Jr

Meticulously and precisely crafted, these objects derived from reclaimed wood and plaster represent a newfound mode of making for John over the past year. Ever the finely-skilled workman, John’s wise attentions in this series delve into the relationships of man and nature: the sacredness of highly ordered geometry in communion with organic sovereignty; detrimental human impact measured against geology; and an unyielding onward movement of nature burying man’s efforts, leaving residue behind for potential future excavation. 

Respect of time gifted to making these architectural sculptures is evident in the layered build-up of materials as plaster entombs geometrically carved wooden elements in sedimentary striations. These condensed architectures bring to mind utilitarian habitations as well as sacred temples - familiar and relative to human proportions. The accompanying preparatory drawings, artworks of their own, delineate a graphic and careful mind-in-the-making as the builder works out a blueprint of sorts for sculptural construction. With this exhibition John Greig Jr. shares with us a harmony of his care and concern.

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