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Additional Assembly Required

Opening reception: Friday, July 5, 6-10pm

July 5, 2019 - August 24, 2019

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Julia Betts | Kate Gorman | Jonathan Korotko 

Jason Lake | Natasha Le Sourd | Jacqueline Tull

Pulling from over 150 submissions, AUTOMAT is pleased to present our 2019 Open Call exhibition, Additional Assembly Required. Through fabrication and installation, the work of Julia Betts, Kate Gorman, Jonathan Korotko, Jason Lake, Natasha Le Sourd and Jacqueline Tull meditates on thoughts of domestic spaces, personal identity, and the mundane.

Through a variety of media, each artists’ craftsmanship is revealed through meticulous fabrication. Leading the viewer on tactile journey through material, the work on view elicits us to reflect on our own construction, which often requires some additional assembly.

This exhibition was curated through AUTOMAT Collective's Annual Open Call.  

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