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Opening Reception: 

Friday, July 10, 6-10pm

July 10, 2015 - August 8, 2015

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Sinead Cahill & Sarah Thompson Moore

Together, Sinéad Cahill and Sarah Thompson Moore have worked together on a sculptural installation that guides us through pathways of visual and physical impressions. Flanked by the collaborative works Backyard Boys and Will, you?, Thompson Moore’s To The Ends guides passage through the space. This commanding floor piece encourages us to traverse from point to point while Cahill’s wall-hung works offer sights of interest as destinations along the way.

In Cahill’s Memory Collection, a collection of small images make up a larger, patterned whole. With these, she distills sensation to describe and transcribe experience. As a lithographer, she creates inventive imagery drawn from bits of personal narratives and exchanges inspired by her travels. Impressions are inherent in her printing method and in her open-ended imagery allowing for interpretation, personal conjecture and discovery. Cahill says, “Fabric is pliable in my hands, it is limp until I mold a shape in my mind.” In contrast,Thompson Moore’s concrete work is rigid but becomes flexible in its orientation and configuration.

Accumulating individually molded elements into a larger sculptural whole, Thompson Moore embraces the material qualities and ubiquitous nature of concrete while asking us to experience space in relation to her assemblage. Her textured surfaces carry with them the impression of a mold, and she accepts new impressions that arrive as the result of our steps across its surface. Thompson Moore writes it is “less about the object and more about the consequences and experience of that object in both its making and viewing.

In this collaboration, Cahill and Thompson Moore’s paths intertwine, offering an opportunity to interpret and navigate this imaginative environment.

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