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Corner Dreams

Opening Reception: 

Saturday, October 14 from 5-8pm

Please Note: This exhibitions was held at NoBA Artspace, 200 Bala Ave., Bala Cynwyd, Pa 19004

October 14, 2017 - November 4, 2017

Show Catalog

Kimi Pryor​

Pryor's Artist Statement:

My oil paintings are inspired by myths and literature, the forms found in architecture and nature, the fantasy films and text-based video games from my 80’s childhood, and from my own perceptions, distorted and imaginative. Spaces and subjects are fluid. I build and scrape intuitively, pulling from the paint hallucinatory worlds populated by ghostly figures looking to signs and stars for guidance. Gem-like colors appear within the landscapes, as if a glimpse of some brilliant reality has perforated a more mundane existence. I create fictive spaces in which stories can originate.

Curated by Emily Elliott

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