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File Save Shift Search

Gallery Hours: Every Saturday and Sunday from 2–6pm

April 2, 2021 - April 29, 2021

Show Catalog

Following the hiatus of our 2020 programming due to covid, AUTOMAT is especially pleased to announce our 2021 Open Call exhibition, File Save/Sift Search featuring Emily Baker, Noah Furman, Samantha Herman, Carrie Ruddick, Steve Shaheen, Brandon Straus and Ariel Tobing.

There was an incredibly strong pool of applicants this year, so thank you to everyone who applied – we were blown away by your work!

These 7 artists broadly consider the landscape of preservation, culling ideas and materials from personal memories, collective archives and temporary or fluctuating spaces. The latitude of their inquiries is echoed in their materials, which include steel, moving image, marble, paper and salt dough. With varying degrees of gravitas, each artist offers their own scaffolding for how to keep, how to remember, and how to contextualize whatever may be fleeting or fading in our lives – impressions, industries, strangers.

The exhibition will run from April 2–29, 2021 with open gallery hours every Saturday and Sunday from 2:00–6:00 PM.

This show was curated as a part of AUTOMAT Collective's Annual Open Call series.

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