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Hook&Loop Residency

Visit for full schedule of events and accessibility information

August 11, 2022 - August 27, 2022

Show Catalog

For the month of August AUTOMAT is pleased to host the Philadelphia based artist collective Hook&Loop for a summer residency titled The Tools We Use on view from August 11 - 27th.

Hook&Loop is an accessible artist collective led by Disabled, Chronically Ill, neurodivergent and MAD people.

Hook&Loop was established in November 2020 in response to the pandemic, which has further marginalized Disabled lives. We are an evolving network of people who have equal ownership of the collective. Our members shape the pace, format, space, and time of our work. Our work is founded in equity, solidarity, and community. We work together to create accessible spaces, creative practices and interdisciplinary events for all.

Hook&Loop advocates for an anti-capitalist shift in power structures that uphold oppression against Disabled people. Our practice celebrates Disabled lives as an act of resistance against a political-social system set up to control our bodies, labor, experiences, and historical narrative.

The Disability community’s determination to create transcends inequities in financial resources, opportunities, space, time, materials, and access. THE TOOLS WE USE celebrates the range of our practices while calling attention to the hierarchies of power that shape them, both within and outside of the Disabled community. Featured artists work on canvas and on paper towels, alone and with support staff. We create work about, for, and with our Disabled bodies. Our interdependence sustains us - we are here.

Hook&Loop’s programming and exhibition will transform over time, a reflection of our needs and our continuing critical conversations about the systems that perpetuate these hierarchies of power. The exhibition includes animation, ceramics, painting, sculpture, video, collage, and textiles. THE TOOLS WE USE will feature performances including music, dance, poetry, a DJ set/dance party, discourse, and spoken word at the opening on August 1, as well as on Saturdays August 13, 20, and 27.

Full schedule and accessibility information at


Tyrike Brown

Gen Deal

Karen Dilworth

Phoebe Dilworth

Crystal Fike

Parker Gabriel

Mel Geezy

Shizu Homma


Aalaya J.

Andrew Keller

Maggie Mills

Vinetta Miller

Wendy Moreno

Pam Price

Sharnice aka Mimi

David Schmuckler

George Shands

Jaither West

Fred Williams

+ more artists TBA!

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