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It's the Humidity That'll Kill You

Opening Reception: 

Saturday August 15, 2 - 6 pm

August 15, 2015 – August 23, 2015

Show Catalog

Brian Artigue / Justin Bean / Scott Cooper / Jen Rickert

Scott Schultheis / CJ Stahl / Darcy Van Buskirk / Elliot Walters

AUTOMAT is pleased to present, It’s the Humidity That’ll Kill You, a group show, guest curated by Scott Schultheis and C.J. Stahl.

The works on view for this show pick up on the haptic, visceral, and sometimes intangible weight of the late-summer season. With the climate becoming more and more feverish, the drawings, paintings, sculptural works and video exemplify the unstable ground between plausibility and fantasy.

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