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Lost at the Dollar General

at NoBA Artspace, 210 Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Opening Reception: 

Saturday, August 12, 12-5pm

 August 12, 2017 - September 2, 2017

Show Catalog

Sam Bernard Jones | Katie Lipscomb

In the exhibition, Lost at the Dollar General, the common language is one of verbs. Culturally-charged American motifs scuffle across paintings and drawings in this  humorous, collaborative show by Sam Bernard Jones and Katie Lipscomb. Jones and Lipscomb present works that repurpose symbols and images that have changed in meaning over time and through context. 

Their physical and sometimes irreverent mark-making reinforces the implied action of their subjects in a way that is akin to slapstick comedy. The images are often lost within the activity of the paint only to be found again and viewed through the context of the marks. It is about getting lost in the American landscape as much as it is about being found, and how those two states of being are in constant flux.

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