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Nothing Ever Happens on My Block

Opening Reception: Friday, March 2, 6-10pm

March 2, 2018 - April 22, 2018

Show Catalog

AUTOMAT is pleased to announce Nothing Ever Happens on My Block, an immersive exhibition of painting, video and sound by Missouri-based artist Joey Borovicka

In the exhibition Borovicka confronts the viewer with spaces of looming disaster and gloom. His environments humorously reference and interrogate aspects of the mundane, the arbitrary and the absurd that are latent in our day-to-day existence. Though the spaces are uninviting, vacant and removed, there is a nostalgic positioning to the work that provides a comfort, as if a memory were being unearthed but remained just beyond the realm of perceptibility, making it seem that it could be no more than a dream. Within these fragmented, virtual worlds that antagonize devices of illusionism, there is no sense of time, and it seems, any cultural reference that might take form was picked up by some wayward antennae in the middle of outer space and zapped back down to be seen, heard and processed through a receiver.

Organized by Sam Jones and Morgan Hobbs

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