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Reverse Grip

Reception: Thursday, July 14 6-9pm Gallery Hours: Saturdays 12-5pm or by appointment

July 9, 2022 - August 6, 2022

Show Catalog

Featuring Artists:

Rebecca Arp

Madeleine Conover

Gabrielle Constantine

Catherine Nelson

Chau Nguyen

Hannah Parrett

Todd Stong

Recall myths of expansion. Reflect on past and place. Twist your body and throw.  Release and allow the weight to carry it out of your hands. At the moment you let go, whip your arms straight out in front of you and spread your fingers wide. Try to time your release by "feeling" when it has built up full momentum. Propelled by gravity.

Reverse Grip brings together the work of Rebecca Arp, Madeleine Conover, Gabrielle Constantine, Catherine Nelson, Chau Nguyen, Hannah Parrett, and Todd Stong, curated through AUTOMAT Collective’s Annual Open Call. Their work considers moments of gain and loss through reflections on diaspora, colonization, identity, and grief.

Join us Thursday, July 14 from 6-9pm for the reception of Reverse Grip at AUTOMAT Collective, 1400 N. American St. Philadelphia, PA. The exhibition will be on view from July 09 - August 06, 2022. Open gallery hours will be held Saturdays from 12-5pm.

This exhibition was curated through AUTOMAT Collective's Annual Open Call.  

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