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Opening Reception: 

Friday, July 1,  6 - 10 pm

July 1, 2016 - August 21, 2016

Show Catalog

Steve Darling / Alex Echevarria / Will Preman / Lou Serna

SCRIMMAGE is curated by two women, Morgan Hobbs and Marcelle Reinecke, and features paintings and sculptures by four men, Steve Darling, Alex Echevarria, Will Preman, and Lou Serna. 

The grouping of works addresses the body relative to sex, class and labor. Through the enshrinement of working class objects, existential dreamscapes, descriptions of bodily functions, and the transformation of commonplace objects into icons of epic proportion, this project poses questions about the ways in which identity is constructed and defined in contemporary culture.

Curated by Morgan Hobbs and Marcelle Reinecke

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