AUTOMAT is firmly anti-racist, and we stand in solidarity with marginalized groups affected by racism and racial insensitivity, including implicit and explicit acts of cultural appropriation. We must uphold a standard of care in our work at AUTOMAT that fights this insensitivity, and ensures that these groups are protected. 


We’ve rallied around the following declaration of values to continue the work of creating an equitable art world. 




We make decisions collectively, and seek to hear each member’s voice. We are responsible to each other. We seek a diverse membership that can provide insight from a range of lived experiences. As an artist-funded collective, we are free to act independently towards what is in the best interest of our members. 




Through our curation and organizational activities, we seek to share our platform with artists who are thoughtfully engaged with the social, political and artistic landscape. We collaborate with artists and arts organizations in Philadelphia and beyond in order to exchange ideas and evolve.




We value feedback and insight from our community. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and we are so incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received throughout our six years of existence. Our collective network is what holds us together, and this past year more than ever we’ve felt the importance of that support. 


A Note: Recently our collective has been engaging with internal conversations about the ethics of cultural appropriation in art, and the ways in which recirculating certain imagery can be harmful to those that have experienced violence and discrimination based on their chosen or inherited identity. We have a responsibility within our communities to treat the circulation of these images with care and caution. We are committed to working with our artists-in-residence to think through the use and meaning of such images. Learn more about our A.I.R. program here.