It's…. A New Building!

AUTOMAT is moving to the Crane Arts building 🏗️

We have continued thinking deeply about our identity as a collective and how to build a sustainable future. Moving to the Crane Arts building will allow us to provide a fully-accessible space for our artists and visitors, which is something we have long wanted to prioritize in material ways. We’re excited about reconnecting with our old 319 neighbor Tiger Strikes Asteroid, as well as Icebox Project Space, InLiquidPhiladelphia Photo Arts Center, and many more neighbors that we’re excited to get to know in the near future. 


Moving was a tough decision. We love the arts community in the Rollins building, and we’ll miss the exciting First Fridays. We’re sad to say goodbye to our beloved sunlit gallery where six years ago, eight graduate students imagined a collective and made it come to life.


This is a new chapter for AUTOMAT, and one that we hope will bring us good, sustainable growth and allow us to work with a more diverse group of members, artists, and visitors. To see our new declaration of values, check out our Values page here.


To make it happen, we’re having a

~M O V I N G  F U N D R A I S E R~


As you can imagine, the pandemic wasn’t kind to our finances, and moving ain’t cheap. We have a goal of raising $5,000 by September 1st, which will give us the funds for deposits, building a closet in the new space, and the move itself. 


And, just because it’s fun, we’re providing prizes for different levels of donation. 


Giving $25? You get some cool buttons!


Able to chip in $50? Amazing, you get a selection of 3 drawings from our vending machine!


Want to donate $100? You get a custom AUTOMAT Tote with original screenprinted art by Sam Jones.




*AND we have fiscal sponsorship through Fractured Atlas, so your donations are *tax deductible* baby!!