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Exhibition Opening: 

Friday, January 8, 6-10pm

January 8, 2016 - February 19, 2016

Show Catalog
Paul Demuro / Kati Gegenheimer / Leeza Meksin / Rebecca Saylor Sack

Crafty, cliched symbols; big, ornate frames; the Sunday painter’s still lifes; and paintings swathed in petroleum-based fabrics hang together unashamed of their pejorative descriptions in Post Apologetic. The artists in this show embrace these qualities in their works to allow us to reconsider what could be viewed as flamboyant, wasteful, or trite.

The works tangentially grace four sides of their substrate and offer mostly two-dimensional surfaces. They are positioned comfortably into Painting - the discipline that has been “dead but won’t lay down” for several decades now.

So, we are “sorry, not-sorry” to exhibit the works of Paul DeMuro, Kati Gegenheimer, Leeza Meksin and Rebecca Saylor Sack in Post Apologetic, January 8th - February 19th.

Curated by Morgan Hobbs and Rebecca Sedehi

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